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Son Daniel Smith (b. 1986, d. 2006).
Met her second husband, J. Howard Marshall II, when she was a topless dancer in Houston in 1991.
Crowned Miss Republic of Cuervo Gold, a title she retained for one year. She was one of 8 contestants, but won because "her party spirit won out". [28 April 1998]
Playboy Playmate of the Month May 1992.
Playboy Playmate of the Year 1993.
She began modeling at 20.
She likes lying in bed, watching TV and shopping.
Married J. Howard Marshall II when she was 26; he was nearly 90.
Former Guess? jeans model.
Fought her former stepson, E. Pierce Marshall, in court since November 1999 for half of her late husband's $1.6 billion estate. In Sept. 2000, LA bankruptcy judge awarded Anna $449,754,134 from husband's estate. But in July 2001, Houston judge Mike Wood vacated that award and ordered her to pay over $1 million in fees and expenses to stepson E. Pierce Marshall's team. Finally, in March 2002, was awarded $88 million from the estate of her late husband (but was denied claim that she was also owed interest on that money).
Her daily life was televised on E! network's old "The Anna Nicole Show" (2002) which debuted in August 2002, lasted a couple of years and was then canceled.
Measurements: 36A-25-37 (dancer in Texas 1988), 42DD-26-38 (after implants early 1990s), 39DD-27-39 (1993 Playmate of the Year), 39D-27-39 (slimmed down after rehab & dieting). (Source: Celebrity Sleuth magazine)
She's the biggest (tallest, heaviest, biggest measurements) Playmate of the Year. Though India Allen (1988) and Julie Cialini (1995) were also 5' 11" tall.
Her Playmate data sheet for May 1992 gives her measurements at 36DD-26-38 with a weight of 140 lbs. When she became Playmate of the year, her weight was reported at 155 lbs. Her weight reached a peak of 224 lbs in 1996, but she managed to slim down to a reported 138 lbs in 1997. She gained weight since and was close to her peak weight in 2002, but she lost down to her natural weight in 2005 (back down to her 1990s modeling weight) and was a representative of a weight-loss program.
Worked in a fried chicken restaurant and married one of the cooks (Billy Smith), according to Playboy Playmate of the Year interview.
After her first pictorial in Playboy went into print, Guess Jean designer Paul Marciano was so intrigued by the look, he contacted Playboy to find "who is this girl?" He then signed her as the Guess jean model on the spot, no question asked.
An advertising campaign for Swedish fashion company "H&M" with posters of Anna caused several car accidents in major European cities (1994).
On September 7th 2006, she gave birth to a healthy 6 pound, 9 ounce baby girl called Dannie-Lynn Hope
Her son, Daniel Smith, died suddenly while visiting his mother and newborn sister in their hospital room over the week ending 10th September 2006. He had flown to the Bahamas on Saturday to join his mother and was in her hospital room Sunday when he collapsed.
Her daughter is named Dannie Lynn Hope in honor of her late son, not Hannah as had been previously reported.
Howard K. Stern announced on Larry King Live that he is the father of Anna Nicole's newborn daughter, and that he & Anna Nicole have been in a relationship for some time.